Safari Adventures of a Neophyte Hunter – Conclusion

August 21st, 2013

On Tuesday the 31st, after 9 full days of hunting, it was time to begin our journey home.  The previous 10 days had been an amazing experience.  I had done something that I never imagined I would do.  Not just hunting, but on an actual Safari in South Africa! There were so many new experiences…some [...]

Safari Adventures of a Neophyte Hunter – Part II

August 14th, 2013

Given the missteps of the prior 3 days, you could imagine my surprise when Innes turned to me early on Day 4, pointed to a Steenbuck, and asked if I wanted to shoot it.  “Sure!” I said.  A small target that seemed to rarely stand still, and that looks like Bambi, except cuter…what could be [...]

Safari Adventures of a Neophyte Hunter – Part I

August 13th, 2013

As Clif was quick to remind me, almost daily, unfortunately…it is called Hunting.  Not shopping. ================================================================== To start…some basic details, as I’m sure even the general framework of an African Hunting Safari is foreign to many, as it was to me.  Our Safari involved 9 days of hunting in the Limpopo province of South Africa.  [...]

Adventures of a Neophyte Hunter – Intro

August 12th, 2013

Note:  The following several posts recount my experiences and thoughts during my recent African Safari.  I initially planned a brief synopsis of the events, but as I played back the events in my mind, it turned into a much longer dissertation.  This is really for my personal benefit – it was such a memorable, intense [...]

Merry Christmas!

December 21st, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!  I just got the greatest Christmas present I could have imagined:  I am so very proud to announce that almost $800 has been raised through your participation in the Music Survey and, even more so, through your incredible generosity!  As I noted at the start of this effort…this is really about helping [...]

Thanks to!

December 20th, 2012

Thanks to Bravelove for the mention at ! Support them, either directly or through my survey!

Survey Results so far – 12/20/12

December 20th, 2012

Thank you to everyone who has taken the survey so far!  There is still time to take the survey, and I really want your input!  Please take a few minutes to listen and vote.  Some of my favorites are near the top, but others aren’t…proving that I need your help!

Benefit concert – Candy and Friends

September 21st, 2012

On Saturday, September 22nd (sorry – better late than never), I will be playing in a benefit concert to support Brain Tumor research.  It is in Garland on the old town square.  More info here.  For anyone who has been listening to the new song clips, I am doing two new songs that I have [...]

UPDATED: 10 days in Ukraine (Euro 2012)

June 30th, 2012

And now for something completely different… On a June 6th update I mentioned an out-of-country excursion that I was about to take.  Having returned and recovered, I thought  I’d share a few thoughts on the experience.  My good friend Clif and I spent 10 days in Ukraine, attending soccer matches for the Euro 2012 tournament.  [...]

April 10th – Slow Songs now available!

April 10th, 2012

All – I’ve now uploaded the four “Slow” songs for your listening and review.  The slow song “group” was originally a bit bigger, but the other few songs simply  weren’t ready for even nominal consideration.  I definitely have some favorites in the group, but I would really like your feedback and comments!

(In Prague in front of a really big metronome!)

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