Coming next…finally…music!

March 19th, 2012 by davesterli in News

Hey everyone, if you’ve been following along for the last week or so (if not, go here, here, then here), you have some idea of what’s going on around here.  All of which gets to the questions – How is that going to happen?

First, in the last post I mentioned that this would all be a bit of a discovery process, so while I’ve got an initial idea of how to go about this, we’ll see how that works, then iterate and change if it needs adjusting.  Having said that…

The first thing I would like your input on is the actual music itself…which songs do you like best, which are just “meh”, and which ones are guaranteed “skip to the next track” if they were on a CD?  Hopefully that feedback will ensure that the songs that are actually arranged and recorded will be ones you (and others) would want to listen to!

So…I’ll share 2-3 song clips at a time – piano, with some level of orchestration*, approximately 45 seconds to a minute.  I will share them here on the website on a new page, as well as on the Facebook fan page, by way of YouTube links.  There will be enough to hear the main theme(s), and I’ll also share any relevant info about the song that exists so far:  possibly a working title, and maybe a few thoughts about the inspiration or motivation. The songs will be grouped by similar tempo for comparison purposes.  Please (please, please!) use the Comments section on the page, Facebook, or YouTube to provide feedback (thanks!), and after sharing all songs of a similar tempo I’m hoping to create a poll where you can rate each song.

(Disclosure:  There are 2-3 songs that I definitely plan on orchestrating and recording.  They have special meaning to me and, honestly, I think they are pretty good.  Not sure if/when I’ll share them through this process…TBD.  Hopefully you would have picked them anyway!)

That’s about it…more details to come as we get into it, but I’m looking forward to starting this adventure!  Stay tuned…I’ll share the first songs on Wednesday, March 21st.

I look forward to your feedback…I need YOUR help!

*all instruments digital at this point…please overlook the fact that the violin doesn’t quite sound like  a violin.  That will be corrected  on any final recordings.


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  1. Patty says:

    Can’t wait for the first one!

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